The Sanctuary

ISTIA LUXURY VILLAS is built at the foot of an ancient temple called Istia, which is directly accessible to the residents of the complex. Istia temple dates back to the archaic period and was dedicated to the goodness Aphrodite, the goodness of love, beauty and fertility according to Greek mythology.

In the surrounding area of the ISTIA LUXURY VILLAS complex the meeting with the myths and the history is inevitable as there is an ancient sanctuary carved in the rock with recesses.

This once coated with sand or clay temple of the rock, when discovered was mentioned as dedicated to the goddess Demeter. Modern archaeological studies, however, highlight the many similarities between this sanctuary and the sanctuary of Aphrodite at Aphaia Skaramaga in Daphne, which was one of the main stops in the procession of the Eleusinian Mysteries. Scholars believe in some connection between the two sanctuaries for this and have revised that the temple of Istia was probably dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite.

The sanctuary is easily accessible and directly accessible to the residents of ISTIA LUXURY VILLAS as it is part of the wider landscape of the facilities.