ISTIA LUXURY VILLAS is a place that will make you feel unique from the very first moment and your experience will become more beautiful while you discover breathtaking Karpathos. The beautiful beaches of the island with the clear blue crystal waters, some of which are consistently voted in the top ten of the best beaches of the Mediterranean, the villages that look like they are from another era and the exquisite flavors of the island will be unforgettable.

ISTIA LUXURY VILLAS is located in the area of Damatria Pigadion, a very easily accessible location in the southeast of the island, just 15 minutes walk and 3 minutes by car from the center of the island’s capital.

It is built at the foot of an ancient temple called Istia, which is directly accessible to the residents of the complex. Istia temple dates back to the archaic period and was dedicated to the goodness Aphrodite, the goodness of love, beauty and fertility according to Greek mythology.

It is located next to the forest, on the elevated slope of the hill, offering a unique panoramic view of the sea, the forest and the capital of the island, views of an excellent surrounding area with many gardens and absolute tranquility. The combination of all these gives the tenants an unprecedented accommodation experience that will travel the senses, the heart, the thought and the soul.